Franco Falistoco is a sound artist who was born in 1976, in Marcos Juárez, Argentina.

A curator specializing in radio art and sound art, since 2011 he has hosted the experimental radio programme El RUIDO es el Mensaje (NOISE is the Message).

Gender and body-related topics form the central axis of his works. Both in his radio programmes and his experimental pieces, the main protagonists are the voices of women artists narrating their experiences with sound, noise, and silence.

A radio listener since he was a child, Franco started working in the media at the age of 15 as a radio music programmer and technical operator. He later pursued studies in journalism and communication and discovered radio art and sound design, a field he has been exploring since 2010. His works reflect the mixture of elements from a variety of disciplines including literature, cinema, and graphic design.

In 2011 he started his radio art and experimental radio programme called NOISE is the Message, which has been broadcast by Radio Universidad Rosario (Argentina) since its very creation, and later on began to be rebroadcast by several radios around the world, among them, Radio Tsonami (Chile), RadioLibre (Colombia), and TeslaFM (Spain). Franco interviews a wide range of sound and experimental artists in this programme, revealing artistic approaches narrated through simultaneous interweaving of voices and sounds.

In 2012, he coordinated the radio art workshop Radioarte (((Imagen · Sonora))) for Laboratorio Sonoro (Labso) at the National University of Rosario, Argentina.

In 2013 he participated in the multimedia exhibition of experimental art Paisajes Sonoros y Visuales in the 9th edition of Semana del Arte en Rosario (Rosario Art Week), curated by Pablo Romano and produced by arts centre Centro Cultural Roberto Fontanarrosa, of Rosario.

In 2015 he participated in the sound compilation La Liberación del sonido, by artist Jorge Gómez A. with the commissioned work Susi y el Viudo, a joint piece created with Ghostrider Genovesio.

In 2016 he presented the work xXx for the compilation Territorios (Experimentación Sonora en Argentina) for both the digital and CDr edition.

In 2017, he composed BDC: La Casa Viva, commissioned for the Festival Tsonami de Arte Sonoro, which was broadcast in Tsonami Radio and Radio Valentín Letelier (of Universidad de Valparaíso) for its premiere and released in 2018 by the label W.O.S in Mexico.

In 2018, the label Adaptador Records released Sentados en una Habitación, Revisión de I’m Sitting in a Room de Alvin Lucier, a joint work created with Lorenzo Gómez Oviedo in a special edition prepared for tape featuring Andrea Ocampo in voices. The same year, Franco participated in the first edition of Congreso de Arte Sonoro Parlante – Ars Sonorus in Bogotá, Colombia.

In 2019, he was invited by university professors Raúl Minsburg and María Vanesa Ruffa to lecture on radio art for the subject Creación Sonora (Sound creation) as part of the Specialization in Sound Art at Universidad Tres de Febrero. He also participated in Microferia de Arte Rosario with the exhibition of radio pieces as part of the Project RADIO DIY for the Centro de Expresiones Contemporáneas. During this year, he became the manager of artist Sol Rezza.

In 2020 he created the piece HEFE/YEAST: EL ADN DE LA LEVADURA in collaboration with sound artist Sol Rezza. In parallel, he was part of the communication and institutional press team for the Tsonami Festival of Sound Art in Chile. In the same year, he was commissioned by the Swiss Norient Festival to create the work Nothing Is Complete.

In addition to her artistic work, she has lectured on radio art and participated in artistic residencies. The Fondo Nacional de las Artes (Argentina) supported his latest project, #DISRUPTIVES, de las Artes, Argentina, involving the voices of women sound artists. She also released the work “NOISCAPES” through the Argentinean label Bolinga Everest Records in a limited edition of recycled cassettes in 2021.

That same year, he participated in the artistic residency Binaural Nodar in collaboration with the artist Sol Rezza, where she developed the work AS VOZES DAS SUAS HISTÓRIAS (The Voices of their Stories), with the voices of women from the rural village of Alva, Castro Daire, Portugal. Subsequently, he presents the piece RUIDO 3,14, composed for 26 channels, commissioned by the Cold Diffusion festival (England), organized by the artistic collective Slumgothic.

Franco Falistoco’s work is characterised by the manipulation and resignification of often silenced sounds, with a constant search for Silence within NOISE and NOISE within Silence.

Currently, he is dedicated to the development and diffusion of artists through the experimental record label CALATHEA Experimenta, while continuing his work on NOISE is the Message.

Franco Falistoco | PH Marcos Pignani
Franco Falistoco | PH Marcos Pignani
Franco Falistoco | PH Marcos Pignani

Franco Falistoco | PH Marcos Pignani