Searching for silence within NOISE and noise within Silence.

Both in my profession as a communicator and in my work as a radio artist, I find a shared connection between the use of language, discourse, and sound expression.

My work involves collecting, preserving and supporting sounds so that they do not fall into oblivion and can be reused as raw material to create and design experimental radio pieces.

Manipulating and re-signifying sounds that are often attempted to be silenced is a signature of my work. This is why noise and silence are disruptive concepts of vital importance to me: they both trigger debate, reflection and questioning, giving way to processes of individual and collective progress.

Radio Art disposes of the body as a whole towards experiencing sensations through the sound field. It is not enough to propose a radio with certain artistic aspirations, but it rather entails sustaining an ephemeral sensory universe where countless physical, psychological and social aspects play a role. The same experience does not occur twice. Each raw material triggers a new epic, a new dialogue, a new story.

Curiosity drives me to constantly look for new ways of dealing with sounds, mixing analogue and digital working methods in my processes. I keep looking for silence within NOISE and noise within Silence.

Franco Falistoco — 2023