The Voices of their Stories

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AS VOZES DAS SUAS HISTÓRIAS (The Voices of their Stories) is the product of the artistic and creative residency by BINAURAL NODAR, in 2021.

For this commission, interviews were conducted with women in the village of ALVA, in the region of Castro Daire, in the north of Portugal. The interviewees, with a willingness to dialogue, lent their voices and recounted their experiences of being “women” in a place like Alva. At the same time, they shared their daily chores and proudly exhibited their skills, not only domestic.

The interviews were segmented into small fragments that make up a semantic core of given information. These audio fragments were placed in random order for their reproduction, being able to “make” an “A la Carte” discourse, which goes from these small stories to soundscapes in binaural format of each place visited for the interviews. Here, the protagonists are the stories of these women themselves, with their voices.

The first week was used to collect the necessary information and the following week was used for the composition of the soundscapes and the synthesis of the interviews.

The most interesting thing about the artistic residencies is perhaps not the results of the works, but the radical thing, if it is well used in a residency, is the feedback from the artists with whom it is linked. To observe other work processes, to receive feedback from other perspectives, to understand that the result of your work is perhaps the process of arriving at what you are doing and not the mere result in itself. In this case, working with large audio cakes, with voices that transmit linear, passionate experiences, diverse approaches to tasks that one considers everyday, is the experimental part of the process and the risky part of the decision making process to give an end to a work that will surely remain unfinished.

This is the particular case of AS VOZES DAS SUAS HISTÓRIAS, here perhaps we do not contemplate an experimental work according to the canon, we contemplate processes in the decision making at the time of presenting a final cut, the exhibition of the work and the subsequent returns from the curators.

Franco Falistoco | As Vozes da suas Historias — 2021“These audio fragments were placed in random order for playback, making it possible to ‘tailor’ an ‘A la Carte’ speech.”
Franco Falistoco.

In the first instance, the work comprised a linear production in the format of an experimental podcast with interviews in the first person and the corresponding ornaments that suggest these compositions, sound effects, the importance of the word and the presence of the voices as protagonists, but at the moment of decision, in the final instance of seeing the artist’s work materialise, situations take unexpected turns, interpersonal relations, inside and outside the residence, force one to leave the zone, make one listen to other voices and the end may not be as expected. The recording situations may not be as desired, just the change of climate, or the indisposition of an interviewee, or even the very chance of finding a key informant, can change the nuance of the particular work. This is precisely the case.

Then, the work takes a turn and is presented as a palette of audios that one can listen to randomly, the audience can also be part of the work and create their own sound palette with the audios provided in an ephemeral projection, therefore, each LISTENING is UNIQUE.

Residência Binaural — PH: Nely Ferreira
Residência Binaural — PH: Sol Rezza

Idea, realization: Franco Falistoco.
Audio Engineer, Supervisor: Franco Falistoco, Sol Rezza.
Technical Support: Sol Rezza.

  • María Moreira y Aldina Moreira
  • Graciosa Moreira
  • Candida Almeida
  • Aldina Silva y Eulalia Carvalho
  • Sandra Silva

BINAURAL NODAR Artist Residency: Sol Rezza, Franco Falistoco, Simon Whetham, Josefina Fuentes, Daniel Melim.
Photo, Video: Nelly Ferreira.

Original Title: AS VOZES DAS SUAS HISTÓRIAS (Las VOCES de sus Historias) ©
Production / Commissioned by: Luis Gomes Da Costa, BINAURAL NODAR.
Type of Work: Live Performance.
Premiere: 2021.10.02
Year of Production: 2021.
Language: Portugués.
Running time in mm:ss: Audio Performance.
Video Format: No.
Audio Format: Wav, PCM multitrack.
Audio Performance: Binaural.
DAW: Reaper, Ableton Live, WINKOCHAN WINCART 2.8.
Controlador: APC mini.
Audio Plugin: AMBEO Sennheiser.
Audio Recorder: ZOOM H4n, ZOOM H3-VR.

Franco Falistoco | As Vozes da suas Historias — 2021

Production, Commissioned by: Binaural Nodar | Idea, Script, Sound Design, Composition: Franco Falistoco | In collaboration with: Sol Rezza | Interviews: Franco Falistoco |Women Interviewed: Maria Moreira, Candida Almeida, Aldina Moreira, Aldina Silva y Eulália Carvalho, Graciosa Moreira, Sandra Silva | Production: Luis Gomes Da Costa, Nely Ferreira, Sandra Silva, Daniel Almeida | Special thanks: Alba Boscà Carrió / Felipe Bustos Gutiérrez / Rancho Folclórico As Morenitas de Alva / Antonio Almeida / Simon Whetham / Josefina Fuentes / Ana Gago / Daniel V. Melim | Partners: Castro Daire City Library / Castro Daire Municipality.