RUIDO 3,14

FLATICON K7-500x500

A sound piece of experimental music, composed with sounds from vinyl records, segmented into small fragments or loops of a large sound loop, also using sound recordings from old interviews, soundscapes and archival material from the artist himself. These sounds were processed by applying manipulation methods emulating the analogue working system, recording, process and result.

The work is a composition of situations, with unidentifiable audios, clearly re-signifying their message, provoking a sound action rather than a sensation. This new introspective landscape he describes is that of iteration, starting from the principles established for his composition, the attempt to emulate the analogue process: recording, process and result, in a dialectical sense.

Franco Falistoco“The work was composed to be an installation and site-specific work, for a live sound system with 25 channels.”
Franco Falistoco.

The project was premiered on 21 November 2021 as part of the opening of the new multi-channel system permanently installed at the X-Church Cultural Centre in Gainsborough, England, a cultural project located in a former 1882 Gothic church that serves as a cultural hub for the area. The on-site audio system is one of the largest multi-channel sound systems in the area in Lincolnshire, giving local artists and residents of X-Church the opportunity to create their own works with audio spatialisation using a state-of-the-art system.

RUIDO 3,14 has also been released on these albums:

Idea, Realization: Franco Falistoco.
Audio Engineer, Supervisor: Daz Disley.
Technical Support: Slumgothic / X-Church Crew | Irina Vainio.
Voices: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Franco Falistoco.
Cold Diffusion Artist: Daz Disley, Sol Rezza, Franco Falistoco, Duncan Chapman, Emily Welther.
Photo and video: Fenia Kotsopoulou | Irina Vainio.

Type of Work: Live Performance.
Premiere: 2021.11.27 at X-Church, Gainsborough, UK. | Cold Diffusion Festival.
Year of Production: 2021.
Language: English/Español.
Running Time: 4’33’’.
Video Format: Live Visuals.
Audio Format: wav.
Audio Performance: Multichanel Performance 25.1.
Audio Plugin: SoundSquares.

Franco Falistoco | RUIDO 3,14 — 2021